• Highways & Infrastructure

  • Excellent infrastructure is an important feature projecting a country or region’s development. The demand for fi ...


  • Constructions

  • Construction industry contributes significantly to the growth of economy. Kuwait construction industry is expected to ...


  • Energy (Oil & Gas)

  • Kuwait economy is largely dependent on petroleum resources and it accounts for nearly half of the GDP. Kuwait Governme ...


  • Communication & IT

  • Information technology is one of the main pillars of 21st century businesses. New communication and technology devices ...


  • Equipments & Machinery

  • Sophisticated equipment and machinery helps improving the efficiency while reducing costs. Relevance of sophisticated ...


About ConTech

Contech United Group is a highly specialized engineering and technical solutions company focused to cater to the needs of various industries in Kuwait and other GCC countries. We offer project based services in the field of construction, oil & gas, infrastructure, IT & communication.
We have the required expertize to manage projects from commencement, right from concept design to implementation and closure in a cost effective manner within the set timelines. Our team consists of professionally qualified and experienced engineers, technical experts and consultants. Along with our key strategic partners, our Slot-V team works closely with our clients addressing the specific requirements of the projects and transforming them to excellent end results. We consider our clients as our quality ambassadors and are always willing to walk the extra miles for them to achieve the desired results.
We aim at building a consistent track record and establish ourselves as a key player in the area of project based services in Kuwait & the other GCC countries.

Value Proposition

We value our client’s interests the foremost for which we are always willing to put in extra efforts guaranteeing smooth implementation of projects within the set budget and timeframe.